Service Details

Nanny Services:

In the child's own home, nannies offer consistent, long-term care for infants and young children. In addition to taking on a variety of duties including feeding, bathing, playing, helping with schoolwork and providing transportation, they could have regular working hours.

Nursery Facilities:

Nursery facilities are places that provide baby and young child care during the day. Normal business hours are when they operate, and they offer an organized atmosphere with activities, socialization, and early education.

Postpartum Doulas:

In the first several weeks or months following childbirth, postpartum doulas offer new parents assistance on a physical, emotional, and informational level. They can give advice on postpartum recovery and self-care, aid with domestic chores and baby care, and encourage breastfeeding.

Parent's Helper:

While the parents are still present in the house, a parent's helper helps parents with child care. They can assist with activities like diaper changes, feeding, playing with the baby, and minor housework.